venerdì 24 febbraio 2012


Here i am, with this short post.

DAAD presents this particular shop wondows in which lights play with graphic.

Graphic play with dresses and accessories. Few elements make this space wonderful. Wonderful, Why? Because changing lights and really good finished graphic panels react with every color making different effects.Sometimes it seems that there are different graphics into the scene.

Lights are made with PAR LED lamp on the ground, a special kind of light that works in RGB mode obtaining lots of different colors. The colors are well mixed and emphasize the dresses and accessories too. I think it's a good work even for the finishes, for the wood floor that works in armony with set up and for the graphic continuity on the upper side of the space and on the side mirrors. 
Maybe i would like to see graphic continue even in the floor.Only an objection about led lamps in the floor: they are too visible.

- Interashionist - 

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